Gregg Gordon

Gregg Gordon had always been perfectly healthy before he was diagnosed with leukemia.

The father of two noticed bumps under his chin, and after visiting several doctors he was told that he needed to act quickly starting treatment.

A bone marrow transplant was presented as the best treatment option, but a matching donor could not be found among his family or in the donor registry. This was a significant setback for Gordon and his family, but with the aid of his referring physician he found out about the life-saving cord blood transplantation research being conducted by Dr. Delaney at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Travelling from his home in New York, Gordon went to Seattle to receive a double cord blood transplant with the addition of off the shelf expanded cord blood cells in Dr. Delaney’s clinical trial. The treatment that Gordon received saved his life. He and his family remain grateful to the researchers who made the expanded cord blood transplant possible.