Investor FAQs

Nohla is a clinical stage company dedicated to the development of universal donor cellular therapies for the treatment of patients with blood cancers and other life threatening conditions. The Company is leveraging a platform developed over two decades of preclinical and clinical research, which enables the ex vivo expansion and directed differentiation of stem/progenitor cells resulting in “off-the-shelf” universal donor cellular therapies (which can be used on demand without the need for HLA matching). Nohla is evaluating the ability of the first of these “off-the-shelf” products to reduce infection and other complications of neutropenia in two lead programs involving multi-center, randomized clinical trials: a Phase 2b study in the setting of cord blood transplant and a global Phase 2 study in the setting of high dose chemotherapy for acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).

Jim DeNike
Senior Director, Corporate Development & Investor Relations

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