About Us

Nohla Therapeutics' singular passion is the development of best-in-class ex vivo expanded universal donor cellular therapies to transform the treatment of patients with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. Our products are manufactured and cryopreserved on an ongoing basis allowing for a bank of doses that are available for immediate (on demand) use. This is tremendously advantageous with regards to the ease and timing of treatment, the ability to provide repeated dosing for immune-oncology indications and reduction in patient risk and cost relative to other cell therapies.

Management team

Nohla is led by a management team who collectively have decades of experience in corporate development and financing, clinically relevant stem/progenitor cell expansion, hematology/oncology, cGMP manufacturing, process development and scale-up.


Our Board of Directors consists of carefully appointed industry leaders who are capable of navigating a flagship company through the unchartered waters of novel science.

Scientific advisory board

Nohla Therapeutics' Scientific Advisors provide diversified expertise across our external advisory network.

Research partners

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center pioneered the medical invention of bone marrow transplantation, a procedure that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. This discovery set the stage for our pursuit of innovative treatments and cures such as the lifesaving transplantation technique using cord blood that could make stem cell treatments available to thousands of patients who cannot find tissue-matched bone marrow donors.